The Ultimate Vaping guide for beginners.
MR Vapes May 17, 2018

The Ultimate Vaping guide for beginners.

Welcome to MrVapes, and congratulations in making the choice to kick the habit. Here I will endeavour to explain to you all the information you need to get a good start into vapeing, from definition of terms to what you need to get started and where to buy all your supplies.

When you first start vaping you will see a lot of terms and acronyms thrown around and it all seems a bit complex and daunting at first however most of this is simply used to condense long medical terms or ideas, into easy to digest chunks. If you don't understand any of these terms fully or of something pops up that you have never seen before not hesitate to ask in the group, people there are always happy to help.

 Here a just a few terms you might see - 


  • Eliquid / Enic / Ejuice – This is the liquid you put in a vaporiser to produce vapour.
  •  Nic – this refers to Nicotine, the most times you will see this is in reference to the nicotine content in eliquid. You will commonly see 0,3,6,12,18 and 36 mg/ml in reference to Nicotine this is the amount of nicotine per millilitre found in a juice.
  • PG - Propylene Glycol is one of the three main ingredient in Ejuice, it is considered the additive that give the sensation of smoke hitting the back of your throat. It is important to note that it is possible to either have or develop a slight allergy from the continual use of PG, this is remedied by switching to a Ejuice with a high VG content.
  • VG - Vegetable Glycerin is one of the the three main ingredients in Ejuice. This is the vapour producing additive in Ejuice and is a alternative sweetener found in many commercially available foods and health stores.
  • Throat Hit – This is the sensation of vapour hitting the back of the throat produced by inhaling PG.
  • Doubler – This is a concentration of flavours designed to be mixed with nicotine to produce a vapeable mixture. Doublers are mixed at a 1:1 ratio to produce the best Ejuice.
  • High Nicotine mixtures are diluted with VG and PG to double the desired strength then added to a doubler to achieve the desired mix of flavour and nicotine strength. For example a 30ml doubler should be mixed with 30ml's of 24mg nicotine solution to produce 60ml's of 12mg Ejuice.
  • Cartridge – A small plastic unit that holds Ejuice and is attached to an atomizer.
  • Tanks – A large storage device to hold more Ejuice so you do not have to constantly refill a Cartridge.
  • Cartomizer – also referred to as a Carto, is a two piece unit that holds liquid and contains a heating element.
  • Mods - these are the power source, they fall into two categories, regulated (variable voltage or wattage) and mechanical (mech) that are a simple holder and switch
  • Atomizer – This is the part of the vaporiser that heats up the Ejuice and creates vapour.
  • Coils -These are made from A1 Kanthal (or in some rare cases Nichrome) wire and can be either pre wound replacements or self made
  • Wicks -can consist of the following materials (or a combination there of): stainless steel mesh, silica fibre, cotton fibre, hemp fibre, SS wire rope.
  • DIY – Do It Yourself, is the process of using flavour concentrates, VG, PG and Nic to create home made Ejuice.
  • Vapemail – This is the best experience of being a vaper, the feeling of getting a new mod or new Ejuice in the mail and then bragging about it online.


 Nicotine in Australia

There is a link below to a reputable overseas supplier of nicotine, which can be added to your zero nicotine e-liquid.

However, it is a requirement of the use of this website and page that you read the disclaimer directly below in full and agree to abide by the content in full, before acting any further to purchase any product.

By continuing to view this page you agree to fully abide by the laws of the states and territories of Australia regarding nicotine import from overseas as outlined below. 

Therapeutic Goods Administration article 


The importation of nicotine, even for personal use, in your state or territory of Australia may be illegal, so please read this statement in full regarding your responsibilities in this process.

MrVapes has never and will never sell nicotine in any form, until such time as it is legal to do so in Australia, as decided and legislated into law by the Therapeutic Goods Administration or any future body authorised by the Australian government to deal with this legislation.

MrVapes strongly advises that before acting any further to purchase nicotine or any other product containing nicotine ALL Australian residents check their local, state or territory legislation regarding the importation of electronic cigarettes and nicotine or products containing nicotine in their state of residence, as these laws may vary from federal legislation.

The information provided within this page by MrVapes cannot be considered as binding legal advice in any way shape or form. You must be aware that any purchase you make is totally at your own risk and that you must in all cases act within the laws and legislation of your state or territory.

By reading any further you agree to indemnify and hold MrVapes harmless should you not follow your state or territories current laws to the letter, regarding the legalities of importing e-cigarettes, nicotine and products containing nicotine. You will be doing so at your own risk and should do so only after extensive research carried out by you (The Purchaser) regarding the laws of the state or territory you currently reside within.

We (MrVapes) highly and strongly recommend contacting the Therapeutic Goods Administration asking for clarification and stating your individual circumstance and reason for importing potentially illegal products, providing your state of residence and also asking if a prescription is required from a licensed medical professional (GP) prior to the lodgement or importation of any order (purchase) with an overseas supplier.  

MrVapes accepts no liability whatsoever should you (The Purchaser) not comply with your state or territories current laws regarding the legalities of importing e-cigarettes, nicotine and any products containing nicotine.

Please also note nicotine is a poison and it is your responsibility even after purchase to keep this product in a locked and secure location, which is totally inaccessible to minors (Children). Nicotine is a significant poisoning risk product.

Please do not read any further unless you unreservedly agree to the above terms and conditions.



Nicotine in Australia is a Schedule 7 poison and as such is prohibited from being supplied or sold by us (MrVapes) or any other Australian supplier or retailer.

However, if you are fully approved to import nicotine in writing, preferably by the TGA, this usually falls under a scheme administered by the Therapeutic Goods Administration, you may be permitted to import a 3 month supply of nicotine for your personal use.

Nicotine can be ordered in strengths of 25mg/ml, 50mg/ml, 75mg/ml or 100mg/ml.

It can also be ordered in a base of either PG or VG and in bottle sizes of 100mL or 200mL.

Only when approved as above in our disclaimer we recommend ordering a 200ml bottle of 100mg/ml strength in a base of PG from here Mixology Vapes. 

Below is a reference to mixing ratios

Mixing Nicotine  

The amounts of 100mg/ml Nicotine to add to a 30mL bottle of e-liquid for a particular strength of nicotine are as follows:

  • Very Low Strength (3mg)add 0.9ml of nicotine to a 30ml bottle of zero nicotine e-liquid
  • Low Strength (6mg)add 1.8ml of nicotine to a 30ml bottle of zero nicotine e-liquid
  • Medium Strength (12mg)add 3.6ml of nicotine to a 30ml bottle of zero nicotine e-liquid
  • High Strength (18mg)add 5.4ml of nicotine to a 30ml bottle of zero nicotine e-liquid

It is recommended to keep the nicotine level as low as possible and to remember once it is added it cannot be removed.

The higher the nicotine level generally the harsher the throat hit will be, 3mg is a good start as you can always add more if this is not enough.

If you would like to be updated with any changes in Australian state or territory law going forward, simply sign up an account with us and we will keep you up to date if and when things change.

Getting started

OK now that you have some terms down and can decode what the crazy people on the internet are saying its time to start putting together your own personal care package of vaping gear and supplies. Here at Aussie vapours we recommend a few set ups and supplies for beginners but as always this is your journey and you can go as advanced or as basic as you like.

 What you need -


  • 1 Starter Kit
  • 2-5 additional tanks / clearomisers / cartomizers
  • 1-2 bottles of nicotine
  • A few flavour doublers or sampler packs of Eliquid.
  • A few glass or plastic bottles for mixing


Beginning in vaping will set you back quite a bit of money to start with, but the health and financial gains are numinous once you have been vaping for a while.

Starter kits can range in price and complexity and it is up to you to determine where you feel comfortable starting, we recommend introducing yourself on the group page and tell us about what you are looking for and how much you smoke and are willing to spend. Regardless of which starter kit you buy it is recommended that you purchase a few extra tanks or clearomisers for storing extra Ejuice and for ease of use.

Finally now you have a kit it is time to talk a little about safety. There are a few safety concerns in vaping but for now I  will talk about battery and nicotine safety. As with anything there are some small tasks you have to do in order to get the best results and stay out of harms way. Batteries are inherently dangerous goods and need to be handled with care.

With nicotine it is important to remember that this toxin is absorbed in many ways and one of the most efficient delivery systems is direct skin contact. It is because of this that when handling nicotine always make sure there is somewhere close to wash your hands / body if you spill any liquid and when handling any high levels of nicotine remember to always use gloves and wear safety goggles.   

 Once you have your Kit and some extra bits and bobs its time to look into buying some Ejuice to put in it. Now because Nicotine is a regulated substance in Australia you need to order in all products containing Nicotine from either the USA or the UK because of this we recommend that new vapers buy either a large amount of sample Ejuice at one time or purchase bottles of Nicotine and then mix it with locally available and produced doublers. There is a wide ranging list of available vendors and the members of our group are always willing to give suggestions and point you in the right direction if you are overwhelmed by what’s out there.

One of the most common questions is what MG of Nic do I order and unfortunately there is no simple answer to this question, each person is different however we suggest you if you are a pack a day or more smoker start with 12mg or 6mg Ejuice and tailor it up or down from there.

Now that you have your kit and your juice you are ready to start vapeing. We all know here at the MrVapes that kicking the habit isn't easy so if you have any questions, concerns or just want to hang out there is always people kicking about willing to help. 


Short Term benefits of quitting smoking  

  • The short-term effects of quitting smoking begin within 20 minutes. Cigarettes contain ingredients and produce chemicals that speed up your heart rate, and also raises your blood pressure. According to the CDC, within 20 minutes of not smoking an analogue cigarette, your heart rate will already begin to drop down to normal levels.
  • Within two hours of not smoking, your heart rate and blood pressure will have returned to almost completely normal levels. Your peripheral circulation may also begin to improve during this time. This means you may begin to feel warmth in your fingertips and other extremities. This is due to your circulation improving. However, during this time you may also begin to experience some of the adverse effects of quitting smoking: withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms may include anxiety, increased appetite, irritability, sleeplessness, and intense cravings.
  • After only 12 hours of not smoking analogue cigarettes, your blood oxygen levels raise to near normal levels. As stated by the CDC, carbon monoxide is released from a lit cigarette and inhaled with the smoke. At high levels, carbon monoxide is considered to be toxic to the human body. Carbon monoxide also bonds effectively to blood cells, prohibiting them from bonding successfully with oxygen. This can lead to serious cardiovascular complications. After 12 hours of not smoking, these carbon monoxide levels decrease, allowing your blood cells to once again bond effectively with oxygen.
  • Since the risk of heart attack is 70% higher than those who do not smoke, after 24 hours the risk of heart attack begins to decrease.
  • The sense of smell and taste rely on nerve endings. Smoking deadens these nerve endings. However, according to the Cleveland Clinic, these nerve endings begin to regrow within 48 hours of not smoking. This means that your sense of smell and taste will begin to increase, allowing you to experience more flavour and aromas.
  • Approximately three days after quitting, the nicotine levels in your system will have been depleted. However, with this absence comes greater symptoms of withdrawal. Increased tension, cravings, irritability, and other symptoms may be strongly present. [There are several methods used to combat these symptoms which will be addressed at the end of this article.]
  • After two to three weeks after quitting smoking, numerous regenerative processes begin to take place in the body. Some of which are very noticeable. According to the American Heart Association, your lung capacity and performance will begin to regenerate and improve, as will your circulation. This will allow you to perform intense activities such as exercising, running, and various other physical activities that rely on endurance and stamina.
  • Between one and nine months after quitting smoking your lungs dramatically begin to repair themselves. One of the adverse effects of smoking analogue cigarettes is the damage to the cilia. Cilia are the small hair-like organelles which assist in reducing your risk of infections by pushing mucus out of your lungs. The regenerative process your lungs undergo include the repair of the cilia. This increases the lung function and performance, as well as reducing the risk of infection.

  Long Term Effects

  • The risk for any type of coronary heart disease is much greater for a smoker. According to the CDC, approximately one year after smoking your overall risk for coronary heart disease decreases by half.
  • Another primary adverse effect smoking has on your health is the constricting of blood vessels. The constricting of the blood vessels greatly increase the chance of stroke. A primary factor which causes this is carbon monoxide. Between five and 15 years after quitting smoking, the chance of stroke decreases to that of an average non-smoker, according to the CDC. This restorative process takes time, but results in an overall decrease in an ex-smoker’s mortality rate.
  • The CDC further states that after 10 years of not smoking, the risk of lung cancer, cancer of the throat, mouth, esophagus, and major organs also decreases by approximately half that of a traditional cigarette smoker. Medical practitioners report that nearly 90% of all lung cancer-related deaths are a result of smoking traditional cigarettes.

Within 15 years of quitting smoking, nearly all of the restorative processes are complete. Your risk of heart disease is no greater than someone who has never smoked an analogue cigarette. According to the American Heart Association, on average, non-smokers live 14-15 years longer than those who smoke cigarettes. With restored lung function, circulation, and cardiovascular health, those years are spent being active and healthy.

You can easily get rid of your habit to smoke by doing a few minor tweaks in your lifestyle here and there. Read the article further to find out the healthier alternatives that you need to adopt today in order to bid adieu to your habit of smoking.

  • Start an exercise regime
  • Munch on carrots
  • Ask for support
  • Keep yourselves busy
  • Reward yourself for not smoking
  • Remain hydrated
  • Breathing exercise
  • Stay away from smokers
  • Switch to nicotine alternatives


Wrapping Up

Craving a cigarette lasts only about 5 minutes. When you see someone smoking, stop what you are currently doing and opt for something that requires more concentration. You can bring your favorite hobby to the workplace like crossword puzzles and the likes. Another option is to stock some healthy snacks while you are away from home. You may feel like smoking when blood sugar levels come down. So, keep some snacks handy for times like this.

Best wishes!